3 important things before Creating 2018

Door Joris Swinkels 1 January 2018

What if 2017 and most of the things that have manifested in your life where a direct consequence of what was true for you in your psychology?

What does this mean? It means that what ever is true for you in your inside world, will have a high probability to become true in your external world.

The content of your psychology (conscious and >90% subconscious) is deciding on your actions and non-actions and these are driving your life results. If it is true for you that you will get a new job, your receptivity for new chances is much higher, you talk about it with friends and they now also have an eye on possible matches for your new job and so on. On the other hand if you are sure you will not meet your soul mate this year, you probably will not.


And this is only the ‘making happen’ part. The same content of your psychology is also determining what you attract in your life.

Goals, set in your mind, where you are sure they will happen, happen…

Here are 3 important things to realize before creating your 2018

  1. Create what you want in your life in your Consciousness first (goalsetting)
  2. Only set goals that really excite you!
  3. Surrender to them and be in action

Take your time to set your 2018 goals carefully with the Goal set tool below and we will send your answers to you in 6 months from now;-)

Have or create an awesome life !

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