Master your life in 4 day's

Be who you are, become who you choose to be


A sabbatical in 4 days

How often in your life do you take time for yourself? What do you wish to see in your life or work? What issues from the past still influence your life today and would you love to let go? What's in the way to connect fully to your core-power, your true potential, your authentic self?

A sabbatical experience in 4 days. Connecting to your true self. Living from your source, your essence.

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Imagine you boost from live energy, you feel empowered and everything you do comes from being passionated and connected to your core energy. If you have clarity on what you wish to see in your life, you can start moving into that direction. And being in action to realize it. Every change starts within you. And a better version of you, starts with making better choices. Are you ready to create your life as a master piece?



Others about Master 1

JUST DO IT! Great recommendation ! If you wish more love, passion and consciousness.~ Doreth, teacher
If you are in any way interested in consciousness development, then don't hesitate! Master 1 is the best give you can give to yourself!~ Kjell, projectmember 
An unique experience for someone who (thinks he) is a rational person. A very special Journey towards myself I don't regret!~ Gerdo, financial specialist 
every kid, every parent should be on this training. Life would become more beautiful and easier for everyone.~ Saskia, accountmanager
Inspiring life changing experience with a lot of eyeopeners and moments of intense luck. Master 1 is an experience I wish for everyone to get full grip to life. Fabulous trainers take you on a trip towards yourself.~ Carla, stewardess  

A major shift in minor time. A great present to yourself!

~ Georgette, coach/trainer

A great contribution in the exploration towards myself with a lot of practical competences to make it a lasting memory.

~ Alex, interim manager 

It was an extraordinary experience. I gained lots of insights and energy.~ Jenneke, child support  
A 4 day trip towards consciousness and creation. ~ Richard, account director
AN amazing experience. The journey towards yourself~ Ingrid, photographer 
Everywhere where you experience a wall, creative Consciousness creates doors.~ Dyana, management secretary
I advise this training to everyone who respects themselves and especially to the one's who don't (enough). Realize a shift in the quality of your life.~ Marlene, image coach  
Just do it !~ Bram, chauffeur 
No doubt, just do it !!!~ Marij, nurse  
I gained lots of insights in many area's.~ Robin, entrepreneur/consultant
It really works! It is delivered to have a lasting impact.~ John, teacher
It is difficult to describe in words what I experienced. Find out for yourself.~ Chantal, health specialist GGZ
Amazing experience. I became very conscious of the beauty of life.~ Alexandra, hairdresser
Being me only gets better.~ Andreas, consultant
JUST DO IT !!~ Patrick, sales, advisor
In this Journey you learn to create your space in life and on the way you meet yourself.~ Dana, artdesigner
STOP IT! Just go.~ Marie Julie, entrepeneur, freelancer

A new perspective

It might sound strange, but the moment your expand your level of consciousness, you will impact and change your life. The CC methodology enables you to see what runs on the background and is unconscious to you. Seeing it, creates lasting insights and will shift your sense of self. Your experience of yourself changes. You will be able to look at yourself from a new perspective. The old story of who you thought you were, will be replaced by a new perspective of who you really are.

Free test

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Master 1

Join our 4 day program of Master 1 and start creating your life as an awesome master piece.

Year program

The year program starts with Master 1. It consist of 4 trainingblocks, in total of  12 training day's within a year.

The master 1

The process puts you back in your power, creates inner peace and provides clarity on your destiny. It offers possibilities and tools how to deal with your world. Get yourself back in the drivers seat of your journey.  You will see and learn how to interact, be who you are and enables you to become who you choose to be.

The training methodology is developed over 25 years and exists of 7 steps.

Step 1create space for an optimal mindset
Step 2recognize limiting beliefs
Step 3Envision your  desired future
Step 4Let go of  emotional blocks
Step 5Raise your level of  Consciousness
Step 6Make holistic choices
Step 7Integrate these steps into your life


Take the free test

With the Consciousness test you get a sense of your level of Consciousness... and with the feedback also openings and stept possible to take towards a life full of living.

How do people feel after Master 1 ?

FreeI feel, live and act free.
PassionI live the life I love to live.
EnergyI have unlimited energy.
ClearI explore life from a clear vision.
IntegrityI do what I say I do.
ConsciousI experience a conscious reality.
AuthenticI am true.
PresentI live in the here and now.


I choose to make the next step

Are you ready for a life full of living? Register for Master 1 and start becoming a Master in creating the life you choose to live!

De trainers


Joris Swinkels

Oprichter & Trainer

Ik ben vader van twee jongens, ondernemer, rebel en visionair in hart en nieren. Voldoening haal ik uit een zo groot mogelijke impact realiseren.

(zie mijn kennismakingsfilm)

Lees het verhaal van Joris

Charles Ruiters

Oprichter & Trainer

Ik kwam tijdens een sabbatical in Zuid-Afrika in aanraking met Creative Consciousness, nadat ik twee jaar eerder had besloten dat het roer om moest.

(zie mijn kennismakingsfilm)

Lees het verhaal van Charles

Sacha Steuns


Liefdevol en to the point. Sterk en vrouwelijk. Met veel respect en ruimte voor de ander.

Lees het verhaal van Mariëlle

Marc Steinberg

Founder & Trainer

Founding father. Ingetogen en wijze man, tegelijkertijd vol met leven en gepassioneerd. Hij door-ziet razendsnel.


Mark Fraser-Grant


Weet je echt in je hart te raken, klein van stuk maar groots als mens, vol ervaringen uit zijn eigen leven die hij inbrengt in de trainingen.

(zie mijn kennismakingsfilm)

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