Kirti Carr

I am an accredited Coach qualified through the Consciousness Coaching Academy (CCA), as well as being a Creative Consciousness Professional Corporate Trainer. Awareness of who we are and how we interact with the world allows for seeing where shifts are required to sustain development, growth and joy. Remaining in a comfort zone may be safe but will keep you stuck. I believe in the ripple effect. Every sustainable change within us as individuals has an impact on the collective. I am dedicated, industrious, committed and passionate about my life, my work and my vision. I maintain we are whole and enough, we just have to believe it! Experience: I have been involved in transformation work for the last 15 years. I am currently expanding my work to include training and running workshops that provide the space for people to empower themselves and increase their self- awareness. My corporate business experience includes Group pensions insurance, Health insurance, Financial & Marketing statistics,IT and the Banking sector. Services: I bring my vast knowledge and skills to every interaction, enhancing expansion and growth possibilities. My personal journey of transformation generates a level of compassion and integrity that is supportive. I will support you in a way that provides for sustainable transformation in all areas or life. I will provide the safe space that allows you to create a life experience worth waking up for! I bring tools into each coaching sessions that create and expand your awareness and provide you with the necessary tools to integrate in to your life.

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