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call to all children of fight separations

Here is a call to all children of fight separations or whose parents are still fighting.   Write down the Lees meer

If you don’t die before you die, you die when you die.

“If you don’t die before you die, you die when you die”. These are dramatic and deep philosophical words by Lees meer

Conscious Living September

Dear CC’er, For the Dutch version please send me an email and I put you on the Monthly Conscious Living Inspiration Lees meer

Kicking the habit of resistance

Let’s start with the morning: do you joyfully jump out of bed, bright eyed and bushy tailed – or do Lees meer

A week later, all back to normal?

So often, graduates share with me that after having attended a Creative Consciousness® training, they “fly”, they experience energy, courage, Lees meer

Create your life with your light!

We human beings are absolutely incredible beings. The potential is unfathomable. We are not speaking about those geniuses we sometimes Lees meer

The familiar feeling called “you”

You choose every moment – consciously or unconsciously – whether you are going to be defined by your memories of Lees meer

Demystifying consciousness and the truth of us being creators.

I’m consistently studying the latest developments in neuroscience, brain research, and quantum discoveries. I humbly accept that I won’t become Lees meer

Getting rich through SENSUALITY

Most people – if not sadly caught up completely in survival – have a desire to become rich. With the Lees meer