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inspiring stories of the adventure of consciousness awarenesss


For most people (not all), “control” is an issue: it shows up EVERYWHERE in life… From the obvious that we

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Our Inner Compass – Contraction and Expansion

Wouldn’t it be great if we had an internal compass which we can fully trust, which is at work 24/7

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The Importance and Magic of Safety

Today, I want to bring to our awareness and emphasize the importance and magic of safety, and why it is

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Practicing compassion

In the world we live in, compassion is a rare jewel, and when it is given, it is often conditional.

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Living beyond fear

POINT ZERO   Every once in a while, I sit far back and take a fresh bold look at my

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Turning tragedies into adventures

“Life is happening while we are busy making other plans” said John Lennon. We all are busy creating and managing

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The search for authenticity

No one can be truly happy if their life is not authentic. Authentic means that it is truly yours, coming

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The magic of intimacy

If you do a survey amongst women on ‘What makes a man attractive?’ you get as the number 1 answer:

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“Creating reality”, really?

A long time ago already, I became very aware how people of all walks of life sabotage themselves. They desire

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