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inspiring stories of the adventure of consciousness awarenesss

Werkelijkheid creëren, werkelijk?

Lang geleden al werd ik me ervan bewust hoe mensen uit alle lagen van de bevolking zichzelf saboteren. Ze willen

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The People vs. the State of Presence (or “Let’s create Gegenwart Day!”)

Do you have any notion of how much energy you spend on waiting? Not only time, but also energy on

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Burnout, Boreout & Co.

Are you easily irritated and wish you weren’t? Fatigue? No joy getting up in the morning? Lost the meaning of

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The Law of Attraction, does it work?

It is spring time in the northern hemisphere and time to sow. You wouldn’t go out into the fields on

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Staring into the Dark

Do you sometimes stare into the dark? Do you like it? Are you afraid of the dark? Does it feel

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Why don’t I experience joy and happiness?

Experiencing joy and happiness should be a human right of the highest order. A human being is not only able

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Does a soul purpose exist? 

“Soul? Interesting, certainly. Tell me more. But wait a moment, I need to go the gym, can we have a

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What a coach knows!

What great (and authentic) coaches know Choosing to be a coach means saying “yes” to so much more than a

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What self-worth really is

Fixing myself? Please meet Mary. Mary is unhappy with her life, so she goes on a self-development journey. She reads

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