inspiring stories of the adventure of consciousness awarenesss

What self-worth really is

Fixing myself? Please meet Mary. Mary is unhappy with her life, so she goes on a self-development journey. She reads

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Life dancing in simplicity

Living somebody else life! When we are caught up in the pace of life we sometimes just need the space

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How to go in and come out of GRIEF in a conscious way?

Grief is certainly one of the most human and intense emotional and mental states a human being can experience. It

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ik denk te veel

I think too much, how can I stop this?

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we realize that we think too much; or that we have thoughts

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Finding a soul mate is like a bottle of milk around the corner.

It is white and you can not see it, what is it? It’s a bottle of milk around the corner.

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wat wil ik

What do you really want?

The question “What do I really want?” arises as long as one hasn’t found one’s real purpose. Unfortunately the majority

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completing past afronden

You can not let go of the past.

Today people of all walks of life are becoming more and more aware of the impact on their Here and

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goals 2018

3 important things before Creating 2018

What if 2017 and most of the things that have manifested in your life where a direct consequence of what

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Are you a ‘ME’ or ‘WE’ leader?

Becoming a Conscious Leader requires making the shift from ME to WE. It also requires conscious. We all were born

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