become an accredited coach within 16 trainingsdays

diploma professional coaching (ICF ACTP)


coaching: also your future?

Excellent coaching is a plus, in times like ours today, in which changes follow each other faster than ever. That is why Creative Consciousness offers a strong program for working with awareness and growth of awareness – empowering people and organizations. A 5-month training that has been awarded the highest (ACTP) quality mark of the ICF, the International Coach Federation. We are proud to carry this accreditation already for more than 10 years

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Creative Consciousness offers a groundbreaking method for awareness development, personal leadership and first class coaching based on extensive research and integration of fields including: psychology, ontology, Eastern and Western philosophy. The program is offered as well in Dutch as in English.


The training starts:

The Consciousness Coaching Training Route ideally starts with following the 4-day training Conscious Living 1. Choose your CL1 from the total range, it can be an English or Dutch CL1, whatever you want and suits you.

After the CL1 training you continue with the 3 remaining Coaching Modules.

  • 18Nov
    Conscious Living 1 (Dutch)18 - 21 November 2021, Rosmalen  |  Aanmelden
  • 10Mar
    Conscious Living 1 (Dutch)10 - 13 March 2022, Rosmalen  |  Aanmelden
  • 26May
    Conscious Living 1 with Marc Steinberg26 - 29 May 2022, Rosmalen  |  Aanmelden
  • 22Sep
    Conscious Living 1 (Dutch)22 - 25 September 2022, Rosmalen  |  Aanmelden
  • 24Nov
    Conscious Living 1 with Marc Steinberg24 - 27 November 2022, Rosmalen  |  Aanmelden

Others about the Coach Training program

This training has changed both my privat as well as professional life. I am doing what I most love to do: supporting people and for me coaching is the way to realize that. ~ Jerome, coach
This program is absolutely complete in what all you need for "doing coaching", and especially in "being coaching" to empower others. ~ Helen, coach
This program has put me back into my power, and now I can use all my talents and qualities into my daily work/job. ~ Myriam, Coach en Natural medicine
I don't want to become a professional coach. I love coaching as a lifestyle - and I am now able to create excellent possibilities for others using coaching as a way of life. ~ Anita, human being & entrepreneur

Consciousness Coaching as a way of life

Consciousness Coaching is not limited to apply only as a profession. Taking part in our coach training program will change your life, it will change who you are. You will become source for others, being f.e.  inspiration, empowerment or new possibilities. It doesn't matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, someone who is looking for new challenges, everything happens in flow. Coaching as a way of life will improve your relationships be it with your children, partner, family, frinds, colleguas or boss. That's why we speak about coaching as a way of life.

Free E-book

Are you a coach or do you wish to become a coach, download here a free copy of our E-book: 7 insights into Top Coaching'.

The training

Start with our 16 days training program and step into the world of Consciousness Coaching.

Extra Info

Do you wish to have more information and/or personal advice, then we invite you to take the first step

Frequently asked questions

The program

Consciousness has to be made fit to operate on a more powerful, efficient level. Consciousness is key for personal growth and professional success. Our professional Consciousness Coach training program focusses on both the 'doing' of coaching as well as on the 'being' as a coach: engaging from a place of wisdom and making it about the other.

That's why in our curriculum so much time is spent on personal development and transformation growth.

Step 1 4 days 'ego' stripping
Step 2 Working on coach doing (tools)
Step 3 Working on your coach 'being'
Step 4 Start practical application
Step 5 Optional: start the exam route
Step 6 Receive your accreditation

gratis e-book

Vul hier je naam en email adres in en ontvang het gratis E-book: '7 inzichten voor Top Coaching'.

How did you feel after the first step, Master 1?

More Freedom I feel, act and live more free
More Passion I live the life I love to live.
More Energy I am able to use my energy in a constructive and passionated way
Clarity I explore my true calling and be able to live from my vision
Integrity I do what I promised to do and I get things done
Awareness I perceive reality from a new level of consciousness
Authenticity I am real and true to myself
Presence I am and I live in the here and now

Your life is your message!

Be the change you wish to see in the world and become a coach.

De trainers


Joris Swinkels

Oprichter & Trainer

Ik ben vader van twee jongens, ondernemer, rebel en visionair in hart en nieren. Voldoening haal ik uit een zo groot mogelijke impact realiseren.

(zie mijn kennismakingsfilm)

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Charles Ruiters

Oprichter & Trainer

Ik kwam tijdens een sabbatical in Zuid-Afrika in aanraking met Creative Consciousness, nadat ik twee jaar eerder had besloten dat het roer om moest.

(zie mijn kennismakingsfilm)

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Sacha Steuns


Liefdevol en to the point. Sterk en vrouwelijk. Met veel respect en ruimte voor de ander.

Lees het verhaal van Mariëlle

Marc Steinberg

Founder & Trainer

Founding father. Ingetogen en wijze man, tegelijkertijd vol met leven en gepassioneerd. Hij door-ziet razendsnel.


Mark Fraser-Grant


Weet je echt in je hart te raken, klein van stuk maar groots als mens, vol ervaringen uit zijn eigen leven die hij inbrengt in de trainingen.

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