In a time where we have heard about “Personal Development”, “Mindfulness” and the international bestseller “The Secret” many of us are still caught up with their lives in daily survival struggles, may it be financially, in our relationships, in our education or with ourselves. It seems we just can’t get out of the ‘rat race’. This test has been developed in order to help people to leap beyond their illusory limitations and become more powerful creators of lives they love to live. If you wish to change your life, you need to start within yourself, in your consciousness. And in order to be fully in control of where you are going, you first need to have clarity on where you are. In only a few minutes, this test will reveal on which of the 7 levels of consciousness you are and what is next for you to grow into.

We believe that all people can be the architects of their own happiness and create a life full of passion, power, freedom & love for themselves.