How Nathalie met ‘Consciousness as a way of life’

Door Nathalie Willems 21 May 2017

As a lifestyle journalist I was privileged for many years to engage in trainings, seminars and workshops around personal development and empowerment. I became an NLP master and a yoga teacher. I saw Tony Robbins and Louise Hay in real life and engaged in constellations, sjamanic rituals and coach sessions with horses. A lot of them were beautiful and mindblowing experiences. And then, as I was looking for the next training to experience and write about. Until I bumped into Creative Consciousness.

Learning by experience

I was wholeheartedly welcomed in the Master 1 in January 2014 in Maastricht. Little did I know what I had gotten myself into, I just needed another article for one of the magazines I was writing for. It appeared to be an excellent state of being to engage from, as only an empty hand can receive. And boy, did I receive!

There were parts of the training content that weren’t really new to me, seeing the amount of trainings I had already done and the books I had read. What made the difference was how a lot of the things that I had been learning for the previous years were cleverly put together. With one stone building onto the next and thus creating a transformational experience that brought things back to the essence.

As if the creator had distilled the essence out of years of Western knowledge and Eastern philosophy and put it in a 4-day bootcamp.

The pillars of the training spoke directly to my soul: integrity, responsibility, connection, compassion… it literally felt as coming home.

And as I experienced the light in my own head becoming more and more clear, I saw people around me shifting gears and transforming in only four days. By Sunday it had become fully clear to me that I was in no way going back to who I had been before. “Being swept away by my thoughts and emotions like a pinball machine”. It was crystal clear that in order to expand further into my own authenticity and grow into my biggest potential, I wanted to keep developing my consciousness.

Growing at quantum speed

Straight after the training in Maastricht I met up with a group of Belgian enthusiasts.

By the end of 2014 we organized our first Master 1. About six months later I decided to quit my job as a journalist and turn the NGO into a professional organization. And in meanwhile I was getting trained into becoming a consciousness coach and starting my trainer development.

Today this is my life. I am the Belgian licensee of Creative Consciousness, a consciousness coach and a trainer. I am a part of an international movement that goes beyond any professional environment I ever worked in. More than work, it feels like a family, an international community of like minded souls with a powerful desire to make this world a more conscious place for the next generations to come.

Consciousness as a way of life

Sometimes people ask me: ‘Are you in some sort of cult?’

I tend to smile and say: ‘Yes, I am!’

If that is what you want to call it when you decide to go against the beliefs that society has tried to impose on you, if you decide to start thinking for yourself and make your own conscious choices and if you no longer compromise your own power to please others but you allow yourself to bravely and unapologetically shine your own light.

If that is what a cult does, then I am gladly a part of it. You may even call me an Ambassador J

Master 1: The journey towards yourself

If you feel like there is more for you and there is way more available in you then you are expressing today.

If you wish to have more clarity on where to go in life and what choices to make.

Or if you wish to free yourself from your own mental limitations, your fears and your emotional turmoil, then a Master 1 can provide you with exactly that.

If you feel that it’s time to get your life back in your own two hands, we got the right toolbox for you to get going.

Come and travel with us! and join the Master 1 in Belgium or The Netherlands.


Nathalie Willems is Licensee of Creative Consciousness Belgium see here her personal Video.

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