Level 1 of Consciousness: SURVIVAL

Door Creative Consciousness 22 December 2017

Point of focus: feeling safe

Ruled by: instinct

Fears: Am I safe? Do I have enough to survive? Will I be safe tomorrow?

Reaction context: taking power, taking space, taking money

Creation context: not available (the brain’s R-system is reigning)

Leads to: control, domination and caution


This is the most basic and fundamental level of human consciousness: survival. It is the foundation for sustaining life. All energy goes consciously or unconsciously into “making it”. On this level you are reactionary, and your main focus is on the acquisition and management of the basic resources necessary to sustain life. You often believe to be a victim of your circumstances.

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Main challenge: You spend most of your days in reaction to your survival needs and have no time left to create the life you’d love to live. Mediocrity, anger, frustration and resignation are familiar states of the experience of everyday living. Here it needs a fundamental wakeup call that empowers you to not any longer accept trading living for existing. 


Our coaching question for you: “What do you really want to use your life for?”

Your mantra: “I am protected”

One of the core principles of the Creative Consciousness® teachings – as taught in our “Master 1” training – focuses on how you can transform your life from being in reaction and being a victim of your circumstances, to living your life from vision and creation.

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Doe de gratis test

Met onze Bewustzijn Quotiënt test krijg je een eerste gevoel bij jouw level van bewustzijn... en met de feedback gelijk ook zicht op de vervolgstappen die je kunt nemen naar een leven vol leven.

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