Life dancing in simplicity

Door Kirti Carr 28 February 2018

Living somebody else life!

When we are caught up in the pace of life we sometimes just need the space that allows us to see clearly the next step. Or the space to see which direction something is headed.  Or we need a presence that supports us to take those larger more confident strides. Life can get busy and muddied by experiences that leave much to be desired. Most people wake up to a pre-determined life not entirely of their own making.

What if it could be different? Vastly different?

This is where coaching is impactful. Coaching in its purest form provides that inspiring and motivating presence. It will provide a space that breeds clarity and accountability. Coaching is not easy. It is not always easy to honestly look at ourselves in all of our nakedness or to own that my life is of my own making.

We need space!

Consciousness Coaching is highly impactful in creating space for seeing: Through powerful questioning that exposes the hidden realms of self.  Through powerful heart connection that facilitates vulnerability. And through acknowledgement and release of fixed belief systems and attachments, more and more space in consciousness is created.

Who said that only an empty cup can receive, was a wise person.

A consciousness that has space is not only receptive but also operates in clarity. Awareness of self and others begins to grow and expand. When there is clarity life weaves and dances in simplicity. Success becomes a consequence of who one is being and who one is being unfolds into the greater Self.

Doe de gratis test

Met onze Bewustzijn Quotiënt test krijg je een eerste gevoel bij jouw level van bewustzijn... en met de feedback gelijk ook zicht op de vervolgstappen die je kunt nemen naar een leven vol leven.

Christmas thoughts Joris

Door Joris Swinkels 22 December 2019

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