Creative Consciousness


It doesn’t matter how young you are, what your profession is or your relationship status.

It is irrelevant whether you eat bacon, miso or chocolate cookies for breakfast, whether you are a yoga addict or a couch potato and whether you are a fast learner or you never finished high school.

Consciousness as way of life does not exclude anyone. Because consciousness knows no age, gender, religion or culture.

Working with consciousness opens up a new way of operating and playing with life.

It is a journey, which allows you to (re)discover lost talents inside yourself, it creates awareness on how to act independent of your emotions and thoughts and it brings new life to long forgotten dreams.

Whether you start your journey with a personal training, a coaching session, a corporate training, or whether you want to become a coach, you will always encounter the same foundations that support consciousness as a way of living: authenticity, integrity and responsibility.

Learning and living by these principles in totality will show you a deeper level of relating to life and will provide possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.




​Creative Consciousness is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of human empowerment and consciousness development since the early 90's. Creative Consciousness training events and the Consciousness Coaching® methodology are the result of over 25 years of work and research in the areas of psychology, ontology, phenomenology, brain science, coaching and communication.

Creative Consciousness International as well as the Consciousness Coaching® Academy were founded by Marc Steinberg who has been applying the philosophy that all external changes begin internally in the human being for more than two decades.

Over 5000 graduates worldwide testify that Creative Consciousness trainings have played an essential role in their lives and supported them to become liberated from personal and collective conditioning and create more authentic, passionate and happy lives. Our trainings are suitable for people from all walks of life and are delivered by multinational teams of talented and professional trainers.

​Creative Consciousness offers a unique blend of programs to uncover and empower a person’s, entrepreneur’s or company’s full potential and authentic drive. Next to personal and professional development, we host an international accredited coaching training (ICF), a professional trainer academy and a series of holistic retreats.