Personal development with ‘THE JOURNEY’

Door Nathalie Willems 31 August 2018

Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world. (R. Maharshi)


Why is doing ‘the inner job’ so important?

Many philosophers and spiritual masters speak in this context about the source of all suffering – and that the source of suffering is in you. You are responsible for how you deal with the things in your life. This can be seen as an invitation to engage in your personal development and growth, all your life.


In this newsletter we present the renewed program of self realization (= SR). 


HOW can you continue your journey of SR, after the Master 1 training?

1.     City trips:  you choose to continue your journey step by step, so you choose 1 follow-up training, and after that you choose again for the next step / training that suits you.

2.     Short Journey: you choose at least 3 follow-up trainings – and you take 12-15 months to get the stamps in your passport that you did them.

3.     Full Journey: you choose at least 3 follow-up trainings & 1 retreat – and you can also take 12-15 months for this journey. 


Choosing the Journey is much more attractive than booking individual Citytrips.

The discount you get is almost € 1000, – for the Short Journey and more than € 1100 for the Long Journey. And it is possible to pay in installments. 


WHAT can you choose from?  

–  the Master 2 training (4d.);  

–  the Relations training (3d.);  

–  the Money training (2d.);  

–  the Success training (3d.);  

–  retreat Shadow & Light (8d.);  

–  retreat Soul (7d.);  

–  retreat Rebirth (5d) and the  

–  retreats Intimicy 1 and 2 (7d., 6d.) 



WHAT is in the Journey?  

–  the Master 2 training  

–  the Relations training and

–  the Money training  

–  and in the Long Journey: the Shadow & Light retreat.


It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, & to make your Happiness a priority. It’s neccessary.  (M. Hale)


Want more info?

or call Marielle +31 6 23 73 99 02 (Netherlands)

or call Nathalie +32 478 47 00 38 (Belgium)

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