Finding a soul mate is like a bottle of milk around the corner.

Door Joris Swinkels 13 February 2018

It is white and you can not see it, what is it? It’s a bottle of milk around the corner.

Silly Joke.

Actually, this joke is an analogy of life. Many people live in the assumption that they can not love themselves, that they will never meet their soulmate, that life is just as it is and that this will stay forever like this.

Projecting your future.

You project your knowledge about your life today and your past, into your future. This causes the way you feel now. So if you are projecting into your future that you will live your entire life on this level of finance, or that you will never have inspiration for your work, or you may never find the love of your life, then you take this as a truth and you will now experience the paired feeling.


But in reality you can not project a past into your future. Things happen. And even though you have not encountered a soulmate for years, it can happen that today or tomorrow you will encounter a person anywhere in your life where the sparks will be all over the place. So never assume that your life will remain as it is, but that everything is possible. Every day we get so many opportunities.

We ‘see’ through our beliefs.

The way in which we think can be cause if we can see the opportunities. If we live in the belief that we will never meet  a soulmate, our ‘openness’ for potential soulmates will be much lower than if we live in the belief that we are going to encounter a soulmate. In the second case we will have the question in many interactions with others, could this be a potential soulmate? And we may also even recognize these faster. Everything is possible…. So don’t loose hope, it can be just around the corner!

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Doe de gratis test

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