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What would you love to see when it's about your life?

Are you (also) looking forward to a live that is worth getting up for in the morning? In being the success you are in everything you do? And relationships full of love and mutual respect? And work that meet your needs and gives your energy? A happy, healthy and fit life?

If this is what you wish for yourself, then you have to join this journey and book your seat!

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You are at the very core of everything that is present in your life! Besides practical tools which you can apply immediately into your life, your work and your relationships, you will engage in lots of exercises that are focussing on your 'being'. Who you are as a human being is as important as what you are doing.


To start your journey:

  • 25Jun
    Conscious Living 1 (sold out)25 - 28 June 2020, Maastricht (NL)  |  Aanmelden
  • 9Jul
    Conscious Living 1 (sold out)9 - 12 July 2020, Maasmechelen  |  Aanmelden
  • 3Sep
    Conscious Living 1 (Dutch)3 - 6 September 2020, Rosmalen  |  Aanmelden
  • 8Oct
    Conscious Living 1 (English) with Marc Steinberg08 - 11 October 2020, Maasmechelen  |  Aanmelden
  • 12Nov
    Conscious Living 1 (Dutch)12 - 15 November 2020, Rosmalen  |  Aanmelden

A journey to YOURself - YEAR PROGRAM

The journey into creating the live of your dreams! You will decide what will be your destiny. And based on your inner compas, you will step by step move into that direction. This jouney is about putting you into your power, accessing your core energy and creating clarity on your main goals and destiny. It offers tools and insights to enjoy your journey and to stay on track!

"If you want to travel fast, travel alone; if you want to travel far, travel with others."

Others will impact your journey. You will never travel alone. Learn to deal with others in a loving, empowering, enlightening and uplifting way. Explore your relationship to money, it's shadows and how money restricts your journey and development. Money and Relations are key in experiencing a happy and fulfilled life.

Are you ready to explore and start your journey?

Module 1 "You" sitting in the driver's seat of your life
Module 2 "You" and others: communication and connection
Module 3 "You" and all your relations: being happy in being with others and yourself
Module 4 "You" and money: experience life in abundance


Others about the curriculum

An enormous enrichment in self-discovery, with many practical tools to implement the insights and to make this a lasting change ~ Alex, interim manager
Don't hesitate, just do it, go for it !!! ~ Marij, nurse
On this journey, you will learn to create a place in the world, while traveling, you will meet yourself and bring yourself home safely. ~ Dana, designer
MUST DO! If you wish more love, passion and consciousness then this is a huge enrichment. ~ Doreth, education assistant
I recommend this training to anyone who respects and loves oneself and especially to those who are not yet at that level: participate in this training and realize a quality increase in your life. ~ Marlene, image coach
A unique experience for someone who (thinks he) is very rational and sober. A very special journey by myself, which I do not ever will regret . ~ Gerdo, financial specialist
DO IT !! ~ Patrick, sales advisor

You will make a major shiftt in a very short timeperiod. It's a gift to yourself!

~ Georgette, coach / trainer

Do it ! ~ Bram, driver
STOP IT! Just go. ~ Marie Julie, entrepeneur, freelancer

YOU are the most important in your life

It might sound strange, however the journey to YOURself is the most beautiful destination that you can choose. It is the foundation on which you build the rest of your life. For your happiness, your satisfaction, your relations and a life in abundance.

City trip

If you rather go step by step or like to check what that rave is about. Then the city trip suits you best, participate in our famous 4 day training: Master 1

€ 195 + VAE

short distance

If you are ready for the adventure to take your life, relationships and finances to the next level, then sign up for our 13 day program (value: € 4.874) for:

€ 3.195

long distance

If you are the one who goes 'all the way', in self-realization, incl. our 8 day retreat in Crete, then sign up for our 21 days program (value: € 5.849) for:

€ 3.995

How do people feel after Module 1?

Freedom I feel free, I am  free and I act free
Passion I create the life I love to live
Energy I am able to use my energy in a constructive and passionated way
Clarity I explore my true calling and be able to live from my vision


Integrity I do what I promised to do and I get things done
Awareness I perceive reality from a new level of consciousness
Authenticity I am real and true to myself
Presence I am and I live in the here and now.


Yes, I choose for ME, Myself & I!

I will choose the next step in creating the life of my dreams!



Joris Swinkels

Founder, Trainer & ICF PCC Coach

I am father of two young boys, entreprneur, rebel and visionair. I am passionate to create the biggest possible impact.

Lees het verhaal van Joris

Charles Ruiters

Founder, Trainer & ICF PCC coach

I got to know Creative Consciousness during a sabbatical in South Afrika, after I had decided that my life was going to be different.

Lees het verhaal van Charles

Sacha Steuns

Trainer & Coach

I love people stepping into realness with their life. You are great as you are. And if you want more, I am happy to support with all I have.

Lees het verhaal van Mariëlle

Marc Steinberg

Founder, Master Trainer & ICF MCC Coach

Founding father. Creator of all the trainings. Hears what you are not saying but actually mean. Absolute pleasure to be with once a year in the 'signature' training.


Mark Fraser-Grant

Master Trainer

Passionate rebel, seeing right through you. Provoking you to step up to be the best You, you can be, in a loving and energetic way. And you definitely will not be bored.

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